freedom to dance and gamble

Australian Legislation Towards Online Gaming

As Australians we are in a very unique position. In most aspects we are just like any other country. We live our traditional, Western-styled lives, we are cleaners and office workers. But also, we are miles away from what an American would consider normal because of our extreme weather and deadly creatures.

Different Ways To Spend Your Time

Our similarities and differences also translate into the ways we tend to entertain ourselves. There is no one in the world that loves Zumba more than me but I understand well that people are different. Some like to look straight into the eyes of their fears by climbing the highest mountains and fighting the fiercest beasts.

Others like completely different activities. For example, an astounding amount of Australians (almost 80%) have gambled at least once in their lives. That number seems large but that doesn’t mean that almost 20 million Australians are sitting in the casino all day playing pokies for free. Of course not. We play lottery, we play online, we do all kinds of things. But what makes us Australians is our ability to choose.


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Fight for Zumba, fight for others

Hopefully this does not come out like one of Turnbull’s political speeches but in Australia, we, probably better than anyone else, understand how crucial is your ability to choose, your freedom to spend your days as you want them to (as long the activity does not interfere with other people’s well-being).

That’s why today I am right here, at my desk, writing these words. Common knowledge says that often you only miss something when it is gone. That’s why I will stand with anyone who stands tall in order to protect their freedom. I may not always want to. I may not always agree. But whether you are looking to protect to right to play free pokies from your bathroom or look to hike across the whole Australia, I will be right there with you.

You may be wondering where is this coming from? Let me start by saying that throughout the years I have already seen my share of bans regarding sports, nutrition, anything really. And these days there is no bigger beacon for freedom like the Internet. It may have not been built this way but it turned out to something beautiful.

That’s why I get angry whenever I see another limitation looming in. Recently, Australia said playing online poker is now illegal in the country. Not to mention painful issues like Net
Neutrality that we have to be aware of everyday. Remember, when you look away, giant corporations will look to take one more of your freedoms from you.

However, I do understand that this article may come across as too political. That’s why I am not telling you to do anything. I only want to encourage you to simply keep your eyes open and to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe. I am all for letting the market decide and people should be able to do in their homes what they please. Isn’t it something worth living for?