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Dance – a way of my life

What kind of manifest do I start with 🙂

Yes I thought and then thought about life? Want to say a way to live? When yesterday, with a friend of mine, I remember that it was a million jobs, so that around a million people might be, that we are with two friends who are left behind, that in general, something else exists in the world. Puf, and all that moment was wasted. Then I was a friend and I was ok. And I’ve really lived. I lived more than if I was working, going, chattering, singing or doing anything else 🙂 Yes, really, okay to me is a way of life, i.e. My way to live.

From the very least day one of my speeches, one in my life was ok. Still in the garden from 4m. I had a mumbled home for the first time, because during the folk okay lesson, Robert always put them down :)) But whoever’s most keen – I liked it.

After that, at school, starting with a classroom with the same Robert, I try to polka and okom valsa. And God, I liked this red tunic and the stout white stripe.


In the fifth grade, I have already decided to go or go further. Apparently then I started to feel that I needed it and finished it. I chose oki. Then we started learning the modern, modern ok. How much effort did this cost now. Now I do not remember how much training I needed and how much time I spent in that room, but I can say so much that I eventually fell after the training all evening, terrible and miserable, but pleased. How remarkably, I recall that it was only at least an hour that only workout around, even a teacher-called “exercise” took place. I already paid French names for the exercise. When I was sick there, no matter what! And if I’m okay, that would not be so great if I did not make it so much and he would not be my way to live, whether or not you had been doing it for three years.

When I went to Alytus, I was ashamed of all efforts at casino, where I start playing video slots and spin for free so I had two years missed. But finally, everything is over, that’s what I got to do and I got used to it 🙂 🙂 Only once and for all this new – Street dance style. That was a good thing. All my life is trapped by me for plastic, and now I am trying to do this. But as soon as I started, I started to realize that no matter what the hell, but any kind of relationship with okay, it’s my way to get off the world for a moment and take a moment.

Maybe because I have not been trained on the basis of just one style from the outset, and many of them, in the style of Street Dance, are Latin American Americans, who have long been my cluttered dream. I dumped the rumble very briefly, but got it, and it “got it” down the rhythm.


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And as if everything was in my life, I liked it. When I got to know Cyprus and discovered that he was squirting salsa, then I really felt like I was living, and I said to him, “Are you alone or not?” 🙂 When all my buddies are my man, Living is salsa and, in general, Latin script , It’s just not possible to take it and not get it out. Now with two more friends, we teach Bachata, a passionate Latin actress. I’m hoping for a tango.

After all, after so much time with the okay, I think I can really say that okay is my way of life. And, I think we should find out their own individual destiny to live in. They are ours to be angry with the routine, from the mental drive, which is always less or more but will be. The way of life, whatever they are, is still allowing our mind a short but quality holiday. This is why why not let him smell? 🙂

Zumba combines dance with fitness, by now it is popular and many know perfectly this discipline. The most characteristic dances are African-Caribbean dances that are mixed with aerobic movements. The creator of Zumba is the dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez, better known as Beto. Perez was born in Colombia and started out with the zumba at the end of the nineties. The story of the birth of the zumba is curious: it is said that at an aerobics lesson Beto forgot the music and, in order not to miss the room, he put a cd with Caribbean music: it was such a success that Beto has patented a new way To make lessons, much more engaging and innovative.

With the arrival of zumba begins a real revolution in gyms, the rooms fill up, become a worldwide phenomenon, is practiced in 126 countries other than millions of people. In 2005, the Zumba Academy was established, which instructs and certifies the true zumba fitness instructors.

They start to disrupt dvds and videos with zumba choreography and in 2012 at the “Zumba Instructor Conference” in London thousands of people attend the lesson of Beto Perez and the many teachers who appeared in dvds.

With the zumba it trains the whole body in a simple and fun way. Initially choreographies can frighten you, but after some lessons you become more and more self-confident and confident. The training involves several moments, initially there is warming, then choreographies begin not randomly but to alternate sessions ranging from slower to more lively rhythms combining strength exercises to reinforce the muscles of all body.

The zumba burns a lot of calories, up to 800 in one hour (yes, it is as surprisingly good as to get casino welcome bonus with welcome drink when you first time visiting Las Vegas), giving a lot of benefits to the heart, because by alternating the rhythms of music, cardiovascular benefits are assured. All this is conducive to weight loss because, especially when approaching the summer, caloric expenditure is much higher.

The fastest pace is surely the shortest time to get too fatigued by the physicist, then there’s the slow pace it takes to recover the energies, but it’s important not to stop for too long between one song and the other. In addition to fat burning exercises, there are also those to tone up with the help of small dumbbells called “Zumba Toning Sticks”. Exercises are focused on the abdominal area, shoulders and arms. In addition to the choreography that is very important, it is essential to alternate between different musical styles.

The main styles of the zumba are: cumbia, sauce, merengue, flamenco, reggaeton, samba, belly dance, mambo, cha cha cha, hip hop, tango, ax and kuduro. In addition, in zumba fitness there are several levels and specializations. The first level, the Basic level, is a basic course to train the instructors, the second level Basic level 2 involves learning other dance styles that are added to the basic ones, such as tango, belly dance, Tango and samba. The specializations include Zumba Gold which is a dedicated course exclusively for certified instructors suitable for people older than age, specially designed for the physical needs of mature people.

Zumba Toning serves to tone the body muscles with the use of dumbbells called sticks, besides the simple toning program, the Zumba Gold-Toning is designed, designed for adults and older people, to be able to enhance the work thanks to the sticks and to be able to Toning up the most critical areas of the body with the advancing age. Water Zumba adds the water element for water training: zumba footprints and choreographies are integrated with other movements of water fitness. Zumba Sentao uses a chair for toning her legs and buttocks, Zumba Step where choreographed on a step or step, the new Zumba in the circuit that maximizes physical training in 30 minutes: choreography with Latin American rhythms Combined with interval training, perfect for boosting muscle metabolism and muscle strength. Zumbatomic program divided into Zumba kids and Zumba jr. It also allows you to teach this entertaining discipline to children aged 7 to 11 and children aged 4 to 6 years. Zumbini is the new program designed to allow adults and their children 0 to 3 years old to sing and learn with their parents.

As we have seen zumba fitness provides a variety of programs suited to any need, the main purpose, however, remains health and psychophysical well-being, because zumba not only helps to burn but is an excellent antidote to daily stress. In one hour we get rid of every negative thought and we have fun, it creates a deep bond between the participants, it promotes socialization. Give self-esteem and melt all the joints. So if you hate the classical gym there is no more effective way to keep fit with the smile. Just go to the site and look for the nearest school and the certified instructor.

freedom to dance and gamble

As Australians we are in a very unique position. In most aspects we are just like any other country. We live our traditional, Western-styled lives, we are cleaners and office workers. But also, we are miles away from what an American would consider normal because of our extreme weather and deadly creatures.

Different Ways To Spend Your Time

Our similarities and differences also translate into the ways we tend to entertain ourselves. There is no one in the world that loves Zumba more than me but I understand well that people are different. Some like to look straight into the eyes of their fears by climbing the highest mountains and fighting the fiercest beasts.

Others like completely different activities. For example, an astounding amount of Australians (almost 80%) have gambled at least once in their lives. That number seems large but that doesn’t mean that almost 20 million Australians are sitting in the casino all day playing pokies for free. Of course not. We play lottery, we play online, we do all kinds of things. But what makes us Australians is our ability to choose.


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Fight for Zumba, fight for others

Hopefully this does not come out like one of Turnbull’s political speeches but in Australia, we, probably better than anyone else, understand how crucial is your ability to choose, your freedom to spend your days as you want them to (as long the activity does not interfere with other people’s well-being).

That’s why today I am right here, at my desk, writing these words. Common knowledge says that often you only miss something when it is gone. That’s why I will stand with anyone who stands tall in order to protect their freedom. I may not always want to. I may not always agree. But whether you are looking to protect to right to play free pokies from your bathroom or look to hike across the whole Australia, I will be right there with you.

You may be wondering where is this coming from? Let me start by saying that throughout the years I have already seen my share of bans regarding sports, nutrition, anything really. And these days there is no bigger beacon for freedom like the Internet. It may have not been built this way but it turned out to something beautiful.

That’s why I get angry whenever I see another limitation looming in. Recently, Australia said playing online poker is now illegal in the country. Not to mention painful issues like Net
Neutrality that we have to be aware of everyday. Remember, when you look away, giant corporations will look to take one more of your freedoms from you.

However, I do understand that this article may come across as too political. That’s why I am not telling you to do anything. I only want to encourage you to simply keep your eyes open and to not be afraid to stand up for what you believe. I am all for letting the market decide and people should be able to do in their homes what they please. Isn’t it something worth living for?