Everybody loves fun. If you are of this category, we Found good news for you. Here you can find the best places listed to guide you choose probably your most favorite studio to learn Zumba, a Calorie-burning and crazy yet amazing dance style. This article will help you choose the best immediate Zumba training studio. Zumba is a Latin and international music with easy to follow dancing moves. A Zumba class incorporates elements of cardio, upper and lower body exercises and interval training. This is a fitness class with no age limit, shapes and genders, no dance skills required. Zumba training is suitable to anyone provided you are interested in a dance-themed fitness class. Are you old, heavy weight? Do you want to smoothen your weight loss journey? Try Zumba this season. Below are the best institutions that offers Zumba classes around the world that you may love to visit.

Sweat New York

This is group is located in New York City. They offer classes‎ five days per week. Most participants here enjoy the best Zumba training, mostly there is a lot of sweating which is best to help in weight-loss. Taking a one hour training is enough for a day.

The ballroom of Huntington

It’s located at 508 New York Avenue. The instructors offer the best dance instructions fit for all levels with solid foundations for beginners. There is great competition for experienced dancers which makes them standout in assuring you of quality skills and awesome dancing steps that can make you an expert on the dancing floor and a lot of fun. The team specializes in private dancing lessons and group dancing as well.

KP Dance Center

It’s a family owned studio, a home to Sandra Campagnolo Moletto – the 1st Miss Dance of Long island. Dance with legends, be a legend. It offers best quality Long Island training for your girl child. There is available certified teachers who emphasizes on artistry movements and self-confidence to all its students and team-work to all its trainers. It’s located in 85 main street Kings Park New York.

Zumba fitness with Brian Oakes

This institution located in New York City Park. It’s led by the most experienced and self-motivated Brian Oakes. If you want to reduce weight, this might be the most appropriate place for you. The instructor has great hope and news to tell. ”Am built like a stocky football player”, this is a quote from the teacher.

Royalenova Performing Arts

This institution enables your child to receive unrivaled dance education that will enhance her social, emotional and physical well-being. There are final year celebrations that offers families and friends opportunity to watch live their products- that is their stars on stage. They have what it takes to boost as being leaders regionally, nationally and even internationally since they have well equipped and experienced instructors composed of top talented dancers from all over United States and NYC. With or without experience in dancing, Royalenova will teach you new skills and improve the ones you already have through their adult classes. They are located in 32 Center Court Center Moriches, New York. Classes are available from Monday to Saturday evening hours.

Zumba dancing style has great fun and personal body benefits. Try it with one of the groups discussed above.

Everyone needs time off their busy schedules at work or from school. There are a million of things one can do during their free time.  Some choose to go mountain hiking, others go for sporting activities like golfing while others prefer touring unique places to explore new adventures. Speaking of adventures, lets focus on the various attraction sites on the Long Island. Long Island is one of the longest islands in the United States of America. Its ground stretch is around 120 miles. The Island has both natural and man-made attraction sites that leaves anyone who has visited the island yearning to visit again.

Long Island boasts a number of attraction sites that will comfortably fit your budget.

  1. Old Westbury Gardens

This beautiful and well maintained garden lies on a 200-acre piece of land located at 71 Old Westbury Road. Old Westbury Gardens is a public garden that is registered with the National Register of Historical places. This garden has beautiful lawns and well maintained flowers that will give you a relaxed feeling that will help you momentarily forget the usual daily hustles of work place or class work. The garden also includes a mansion that is made of wooden panels, richly decorated ceilings, nice fireplaces and a lot of artworks that will make your tour really entertaining and memorable. The garden is available for you at very little cost.

  1. Shelter Island

This Island provides great scenery for tourists. You can either explore it alone using a rented boat or bike or opt for a guided tour. Shelter Island is located between the North and South Forks of the Long Island.  If you are either on the Norther Fork or the Southern Fork, you can access this Island using the ferry. There are ferry services on either sides of this island for public commuters or you can hire a private boat for more adventure. The fee for hiring a private boat vary depending with the class of the boat and your needs. You really need to visit this site experience more for yourself!

  1. Beautiful Beaches

The island is graced with some of the world’s best beaches. Its beaches have fine powdered white sand that will make you yearn for more adventures from the island. Its beaches have a serene environment to make you comfortable throughout your stay.

  1. The Vineyards

Long Island has favorable climate for vines. The North Fork has more vineyards than the Southern Fork. The Island is known to produce the best quality wines. When on the island, wine is not expensive. Also, there are free wine testing with a lot of partying on the island. If you love wine and partying, this is the perfect spot for you. Don’t miss visiting the island!

  1. Golf courses

Long island has a series of both public and private golf courses that prominent golf players like Tiger Woods use. If you love playing golf, the island has some of the best golf courses for you. You can access and use either the private or the public golf courses depending on your budget. Golfing with expert like Tiger Woods will help you improve your skills and confidence apart from making your tour a one lifetime memorable experience.

Visit Long Island during your holidays and free time for thrilling experiences at your estimated budget.