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What are you usually stressed about? Maybe you feel sick but still have to get to work? Or you just had an argument with your spouse? Whatever it is, I believe I have got a solution.

First of all, I won’t be the first to tell you about the benefits of exercise. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy diet and daily exercise is not only the best way to a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.

However, the science does not stop here.

Zumba – the Art of Letting Go

Not many people can lose themselves on the dancefloor. Like painting, dancing is something people just decide they are not good at, despite it being true or not. But if you have ever danced truly like no one is watching, you will know how liberating it is.

And for anyone who can’t, Zumba is the answer. You dance, you exercise but most of all, you don’t have to feel self-conscious anymore about not knowing how to dance. Learn the moves, get fit and surrender yourself to the power of music.


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From Zumba to Shaun T

We recently talked about fidget toys and their ability to relieve stress. Are there any proof? But when it comes to dancing, the people is the best piece of evidence. If you don’t believe me, check out Beachbody’s Shaun T. He doesn’t do Zumba, but most of his new routines include intensive dance-style moves with karate kicks, sort of roulette spins, etc. But look not only at his dance moves, Look at how positive, energetic this man is.

I understand that he has a product to sell. But just look at him for one moment and tell me that he needs a fidget spinner to feel relaxed. I’d wager all I have on a Zero on a roulette that Shaun hasn’t even held a fidget in his hand.

It’s not only Shaun. Many people that come to my Zumba classes, come out different people after the very first session. They are more relaxed, they smile more and they are calmer in stressful situations.

Trust me, I know starting is hard. If you do decide to give it a try, start slow and don’t overstretch yourself. It is better to build a habit making small moves instead of push too hard on your first day and do nothing ever again.